Zero Limits Support Coordination (ZLSC) offers the following Independent service to strengthen your life choices:

– Coordination of Supports

ZLSC can provide time limited, low level or specialist coordination of supports. This may involve connecting you with informal, mainstream and funded supports to strengthen your capacity and resilience; addressing any barriers you may experience and providing assistance in sourcing and linking with the right people to meet your needs.


ZLSC is a registered provider of supports under the NDIS including:

– Coordination of Supports

– Assistance with Daily Life

– Transport

– Assistance with Social and Community Participation

– Home

– Improved Living Arrangements

– Increased Social and Community Participation

– Finding and Keeping a Job

– Improved Relationships

– Improved Health and Wellbeing

– Improved Learning

– Improved Life Choices

– Improved Daily Living Skills

Our charges are in line with the prices outlined in the NSW NDIS Price Guide. The cost of NDIS supports is covered under your NDIS plan. There may be other costs you need to pay for yourself such as meals, entry fees or travel.


How will Zero Limits Support Coordination help you? 

After agreeing to your plan request for coordination of support and agreed hours allocated by signing our service agreement.
We will:

– Meet with you to identify your goals relevant to your coordination of supports and build a service agreement

– Help you to gather information to help you identify appropriate services and supports

– Liaise with you and meet with other service providers linked to you

– Support you in times of crisis

– Check in with you

– Help with a report when reviewing your NDIS plan


How do I access Challenge Community Services for Coordination of Support?

Talk to your NDIA Planner and discuss what level of Coordination of Support to include in your plan. You, your Support Planner, NDIA Local Area Coordinator (LAC), family or other representative may complete the referral form. Complete a service request via your NDIS portal with the help of your planner, LAC or friend. We will contact you or the person making your service request.


Understanding how you can use your NDIS plan to meet your goals

Your personal Case Coordinator works together with you to develop a detailed program that matches the goals developed in your NDIS plan and how these goals will be achieved.


Managing resources effectively to get the best outcome from your plan

Your Case Coordinator works collaboratively with you to personalise your supports and match you with the right staff and services.


Working with your network of support – family, friends, service providers, therapists, doctors and community resources

In the early days, you will meet with your Case Coordinator more often to set up your plan and to make things happen for you. Once established and you’re feeling comfortable with the plan, you’ll achieve greater independence.


Accessing the NDIS portal and monitoring how your funds are spent

As part of the process of working with you, we help you to develop skills and confidence to take control of your NDIS plan. We assist you to take over some of the Case Coordinator function yourself over time, and encourage you to ask for things you need.


Monitor your progress and preparing for your next NDIA review

Your Case Coordinator meets with you regularly to determine how your goals are being achieved and will assist you to make any changes or adjustments you need. We will keep records about your progress which means you have good information to use when you review your plan with the NDIA (usually happens once a year).